Why Do Servers Need More Memory As Time Goes On?

Have you ever noticed how a server tends to slow down over time? No, this isn’t simply your server getting old and tired. This is often caused by the same server needing more and more memory (RAM) as time passes. There are good reasons why this happens, and ways to minimize the effects. Here are …

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How to Set Your PC’s Default Printer

Your Windows PC or laptop may be configured to print to several printers. Some printers may be connected directly to your computer, while others are attached to the network. On each computer, one printer is defined as the default printer. The default printer is typically the printer to which all programs (Word, Excel, QuickBooks, etc.) …

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Export a Running Virtual Machine Using PowerShell


Exporting a Hyper-V VM (virtual machine) creates a full copy of that VM. This can be used as an easy way to create an ad-hoc backup or an archive. An export can also contain all of the existing checkpoints that exist, so it is a really helpful tool during deployments, migrations, and upgrades. Share this:

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How to Delete a User Profile from the Registry

When deleting user profiles, it is advisable to use the built-in GUI (graphical user interface) interface in Windows (Start >> System >> Advanced System Settings >> User Profile – Settings). This should delete all references in the registry, and the user’s profile folder (normally located in C:\Users).  But what if this doesn’t work as it …

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TechEd NorthAmerica: Delivering Exceptional IOPS/$ with Windows Server 2012 R2

Ever wonder how you can get over a million IOPS using inexpensive spinning disks? In this video Tobias Klima, of Microsoft, demonstrates Storage Spaces with tiered storage (SSD + spinning HDD) as well as Scale out File Server (SoFS). Share this:

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TechEd North America: Enabling Enterprise Mobility with Windows and Microsoft Office 365

How do we deal with mobility as IT Pros? This video with Brad McCabe and Alan Meeus will show how you can manage mobile devices using Windows and Office 365. Using these tools gain peace of mind while lowering your total cost of ownership. Share this:

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P2V (Physical to Virtual) Migration


In previous posts, I have shown you how to export and import machines from one Hyper-V host to another (see post titled “Importing & Exporting Hyper-V VMs in Windows Server 2012 R2“). I have also talked about building new virtual machines from scratch. There are many scenarios where it makes a lot of sense to …

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How Do I Change Hibernation Settings in Windows 8?


For a long time Windows has had power saving functionality of various types. In Windows XP and Windows Vista we had a standby mode which used minimal power and a hibernation mode which would use no power. In Windows 7 and Windows 8 the hibernation and standby modes become one single mode called Sleep mode. …

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Sign Up for BizSpark and Get a Free MSDN Account

If you are interested in doing any programming, or are a recent startup then you will want to pay close attention to this one. The Microsoft BizSpark program is designed for individuals and startups that want to develop applications for the web, Windows Phone, or Windows. This program is absolutely FREE, and they give you …

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What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Lessons Learned Week 1

It has been an incredible start to the Windows Server 2012 R2 Launch Series.  Here is brief summary of the 9 posts we covered so far… Share this:

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Importing & Exporting Hyper-V VMs in Windows Server 2012 R2

Though often a less frequently used feature of Hyper-V, the import and export functions offer some very useful benefits.  In Windows Server 2012 R2 these benefits get even better.  I will explain how this functionality works, and why it is useful.  I’ll also discuss how these functions are very different from the commonly used checkpoints …

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Free eBook: Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals

Continuing a spree of free eBooks, Microsoft has done it again. This time they have released Mitch Tulloch’s “Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals”. This book covers not only web sites and databases, but also the new IaaS Virtual Machine offerings. Below are the download links for PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats. Share this:

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Upgrading to Windows 8.1 RTM from Windows 8.1 Preview

On September 17, 2013, contrary to former public statements, Microsoft released the RTM (released to manufacture) version of Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows Server 2012 R2 to TechNet and MSDN subscribers.  This is before the October General Availability (GA) release date. Share this:

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First Impressions: Acer Iconia W3 8″ Windows 8 Tablet

Acer has recently released an 8.1″ Windows 8 tablet called the Acer Iconia W3.  Due to a few different reasons this model has received mixed reviews.  Keeping in mind that this is the world’s first Windows 8 tablet in the 8″ form factor, and the retail price is currently $299 for the 32 GB and $379 for the 64 …

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Free eBook: Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release


The past few years Microsoft has been on a trend of releasing free eBooks to the IT-Pro and Developer community. These are a good free way to stay ahead of the curve and learn what’s new in the newest version of Windows Share this:

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