Thank you Microsoft for the MVP Award!

mvp_logo_preferred_cyan300_rgb_72ppiI am extremely excited to announce this week I got the word that I have been awarded this year’s Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for Microsoft Azure.

I am very thankful to Microsoft and to everyone who helped make this possible.  I feel so very lucky to be amongst the very few selected for this award each year.  The Microsoft MVP award is awarded to those who provide help to the technical community.  For the past several years, I have been doing this through blogs, technical events, and of course the user group community.  Microsoft has always been a great supporter of the community, and a real partner in our ongoing efforts.

The IT-Pro and Azure communities have been so welcoming to me.  I hope I can continue to provide as much as humanly possible to continue contributing back.  While my community work has never been about recognition or personal gain, it is very nice to receive this award as recognition from Microsoft.

As this is my first time being awarded the MVP, I’m not yet sure what to expect.  One thing is for sure.  Now I’m going to have to work extra hard to give back (even more) to the community… and I’m glad to do it every day!

Thank you to Microsoft!  Thank you to the IT-Pro and Azure user group community.  Thank you to the MVPs who welcomed me and have helped me throughout the years!

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