Windows 10 Features: Wi-Fi Sense

One of the more controversial features of Windows 10 is Wi-Fi Sense. Though it has been on Windows Phone for some time, this is a new feature of Windows 10. Wi-Fi Sense allows you to share access to a wireless network with your friends on social media sites like Facebook. Wi-Fi Sense also allows you to connect to wireless networks shared by your social media friends.

Wi-Fi SenseWi-Fi Sense does not share the wireless network’s password or key but instead shares an authentication hash. So your friends can gain access to networks you choose without the need to share passwords.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a controversial set of features. There is a lot of concern about unknowingly allowing access to a home or work network with everyone you know. Luckily, this is an opt-in feature, meaning it is not automatically enabled by default. You will have to manually turn it on for each wireless network.

For work networks, Microsoft has stated that companies can ensure their corporate wireless networks are never added to Wi-Fi Sense by simply modifying the wireless network’s SSID.

I suspect future functionality will give more granular control, such as corporate policy control over Wi-Fi Sense, and the ability to share with a group of friends on Facebook instead of simply everyone on your friend’s lists. I have not heard anything from Microsoft in this regard, so time will tell.

Wi-Fi Sense settings can be accessed in Windows 10 by browsing to Settings >> Network & Internet >> Manage Wi-Fi Settings.

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