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Windows 10 Features: Wi-Fi Sense

One of the more controversial features of Windows 10 is Wi-Fi Sense. Though it has been on Windows Phone for some time, this is a new feature of Windows 10. Wi-Fi Sense allows you to share access to a wireless network with your friends on social media sites like Facebook. Wi-Fi Sense also allows you to connect to wireless networks shared by your social media friends. Continue reading

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How To Split an Internet Connection Between Two or More Computers

I was asked by a client recently: “Can we use a splitter on one of our internet connections so we can have two computers plugged into one? We only have one internet port in that office, but I need to plug in two computers.” Continue reading

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Is your home Wi-Fi secure?

Wi-FiAnswer: Probably not. Most home networks are not secure to begin with. To add wireless A/B/G/N on top of that, you’re really asking for trouble. Fear not, for here are a few things you can do to lock down your environment, and keep out snooping eyes. Continue reading

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