Consolidation for the mobile worker: How many phones do you carry?

Android, iPhone, and Windows Phones make it possible to consolidateFew can argue that carrying a cell phone is very convenient for both us and the people trying to contact us. For many of us it is an absolute necessity to be reachable for at least part of the day regardless of whether you are in the office, home, or on the soccer field with the kids. For many years IT Pros have been forced to carry multiple devices. Some were personal devices (cell, iPod, etc…), while others were work related (work cell, PDA). Luckily, now there are some new technologies which allow us to consolidate to one or two mobile devices.

For the first time in years, it is possible to consolidate to a single mobile device which is critical. I carry a Windows 7.5 (Mango) smart phone for work, an Android PDA phone, and several laptops. Because of technologies like Google Voice and Skype, I am able to use one device for multiple incoming and outgoing numbers. I can even install a SIP client which connects directly to my company’s VoIP phone system, which means I can be virtually in the office even when I’m working from home or on the golf course (the latter being more hypothetical). With the use of tablets and new PDA smart phones with multiple cameras, other functions are possible. These functions include: video conferencing, sharing documents and team collaboration. Now, you really don’t have to be tied to your desk. Windows 7 Phones also allow users to connect to multiple corporate Exchange email accounts simultaneously. As far as I know, no other phone can do this yet. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to put away the PC/laptop for good, but it is nice to know that we have other devices that can help free us from the chains of our desk from time to time.

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